59 Times The Pain

As Things Were Before Lyrics 59 Times The Pain


59 Times The Pain - As Things Were Before Songtext

Gone I'm telling you they're all gone
You know they used to be here for me
Now they're gone tell me where can they be
What ever made them to change their ways
Was it in search for better days
Hard to realize that you're gone
That's how it is you're gone
And it makes it so much harder looking back at it
When I know how things were before
Used to be here but now you're gone
Let me down and now you're gone
And I know that I can never bring things back to be
As things were before
How I'm wondering how
Things ever got to take this turn
Well I guess that you just gotta live and learn
People like you I'll never understand
Betraying your friends won't get you the upperhand
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