Gotta Be You Lyrics 3T


3T - Gotta Be You Songtext

It's gotta be you
Bop your head to this
It's gotta be you
No one else can do all the things you do

I miss the way you feel
Can't believe
You're gone for real
I gave you all I had
A lover's paradise gone bad

I see you in the movies and on the paper
And in every face I know
I'm trying to forget you
But I can't girl
True love is not for show

It's gotta be you
No one else can do all the things you do
It's gotta be you
Give me one more chance
To get next to you
It's gotta be you

It's gotta be you, really what I need
Really what I want
And I really know
I really want you back
You've got me like a zombie
Nymphomaniac getting none
See, I really miss my little kitty cat
It's getting kind of crazy
The ground is getting shakey
Got myself a triple head
And everything is black
Cronic like a bomb blow me up
And now you're gone
Cause ya wappy headed friends
Say I'm bad, that's a fact

Bridge & Chorus

I need a second chance
I need some time to understand
Is this how it all will end
No explanations in your game

It's gotta be you
I'm trying to find the reason
I don't see one
But I guess
You've got your own
I hear it on the grapevine
That you're not mine
Now I've got to let you know (2x)

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