2-4 Family - Stay Songtext

You don't have to worry, to find somebody new
Just take a good look and you'll find the truth (right)
I'm telling you the secret, the one that you should know
Just live your life to the max, and work it slow
Oh Yeah
Aha, aha
Who you wanna see?
2-4 Family
Stay, don't runaway, please lord just one more day
Stay, don't be walking away
Jay Dogg:
Remember way back in the days, when you was lokin' with the playas',
Connecting mad chips, colobarating about the capers
No love for the haters and the players of the game
Suspicious inpotane so you can't maintain
No balance of reality from sane to insanity
The traffic jigo size, is what took insanity
But you made a simple boat down to Cally
Lugin' in the ripps, smoke chips like hally
Anyhting you want, all you have to do is ask
Gets the final person to us, to a situation statice, butYou're not sencere, what could be your future?
Live you life eveal fromt he highest evil
Chorus x 2
Don't be walking away
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