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Just Like Birds Lyrics 16 Horsepower


16 Horsepower - Just Like Birds Songtext

little johanna girl of my prairie
help me fill this house with living words
further up an' further in
let 'em fly from our lips
just like birds
just like birds

all that dark woods from pakistan
the glory the glory lodged inside
strive to enter the narrow gate child
to the fountain that flows deep an' wide

he will never leave you
mym uch afraid
he waits patient
in our prayers unprayed

now stay close to me
in an' amongst the trees
i'll carry your shoes child
you run an' play beneath the eaves

our faith will come by the hearin'
a whisper in the leaves
listen johanna hear his voice
in the drone of the bees

he will never leave you
my much afraid
he waits patient
in our prayers unprayed
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