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I never thought it would be so demanding
Letting go of fears and talking out my feelings
I can't figure out who's truly sincere
Through the many years, I can't find the reason but

1 - When do you know really? (to give)
Giving all your love's such a sacrifice
When to expose the depths of your poor soul
I can't forget the last time someone (took my heart)
Someone took my heart, ripped it all apart
And I'm still trying to piece it together

It's easier to turn tears into a song
Then fixing what went wrong, pain can be so stifling
I never thought that love could hurt a heart so long
It has been so long, it seems like forever

Repeat 1

Repeat 1

2 - I'm still trying to piece it all together
I'm still trying to make it all better

Repeat 2 until fade
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