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Zed Yago

United Pirate Kingdom Lyrics Zed Yago


Zed Yago - United Pirate Kingdom Songtext


Welcome to the edge of the world
where the horizon meets the great water
no doubt about the material world
it hasn't manifested itself

Shadows form monsterous shapes
over and over again
never tired, never ending
the outlines burst in to pieces of pain

It's the place where all forms of life
dwell and await their turn
a timeless life between real and unreal
is where she endlessly burns

The magic rope a gift from the past
won't let her free - never -
she moves in the middle of this misty fog
oh, that's forever

United pirate kingdom
ruled by a pirate queen
that's where she keeps on dreamin
building up her fantasy for ecstasy

Obsessed by revolution
against the slimy cloud
wait for incarnation
that's all she dreams about
the misty fog, and the twilight zone
you can't destroy throughout eternaty
a creation without end
a reckless rider on the sea
at the edge of the world

Chased by the dream to be able to
live inside a human body
only one amazing miracle could achieve
this innermost wish of the lady

If two great opposites such as good and bad
would go together and unite
heaven and hell is only one thing
this cannot be denied

United pirate kingdom...
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