Young Dro

Dat Loud Lyrics Young Dro


Young Dro - Dat Loud Songtext

dat loud, dat loud, dat loud!
Im trying to dat loud,
. I dont know how to act on dat loud,
You can smell me from the back of dat crowd!
Look at me and look at my
Youll go home and see it
Got at home, but slim,
Waiting like Im
Switch that
They . with clothes,
Man, Ill be so fresh on the hood
The hood, the hood, the hood!
dat loud, dat loud, dat loud!
.like anybody can hear us,
.so they cant get near us!
for a bitch
. Im trying to get rich,
girls say what? Dont worry about shit!
Imma light it up
Were going in the club and smoke it
What, what?
dat loud, dat loud, dat loud!
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