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Xray Spex

Party Lyrics Xray Spex


Xray Spex - Party Songtext

did you enjoy the party you went to the other night? no not really not really, no not really at all I was bored stiff all night. did you find anyone you could talk to? anyone with a lot to say? no not really no one, no not one not really just a boy who had a fixation on his body all the time. he wanted to know if i..... he called 'making love' I said "my dear pubescent adolescent socks I gave up being shocking when you were getting spots pour me a lime and soda and i'll not tell a lie but i've always been searching for something more sublime." did you enjoy did you enjoy at all? (repeat) then I met a prima, prima donna queen who wanted to have a sex change cos he thought it would be a scream decadence personified daddy's blood runs wild half the world is starving mother says, you're a spoilt hung-up child. then I met a guy who wanted to die with a smack crack deathwish his t-shirt said 'destroy' I know i'm not this body and i'm just a fallen soul but you have to serve some time before you get out on parole did you enjoy did you enjoy did you enjoy at all? (repeat) the party's over the party's over the party's over !!
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