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Blood of the Lamb Lyrics Xiu Xiu


Xiu Xiu - Blood of the Lamb Songtext

Blood of the lamb
Runs full over our horsing town
It's a heard that's spoiled our hopes
And vics have blood of lamb
Out goes Martin, the face of heaven
The moon is red as the blood of our prayer
A devil launched it's self upon our crying child
And toys with the blood of the lamb
Peasant has revealed us our true dust
A doubting faith choked down him
A desert you created, a desert freed from comforts
Desires withstead from lamb's blood
Blood of the lamb, colored eyes, black and not as red
Three drops of piece, colored as black and not as red
Forgive our ungraciousness, ungraciousness for our own debts
The blood of the lamb is sweeter than our own x3
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