Jumper Lyrics XBishopx


XBishopx - Jumper Songtext

the relentless sky comes crashing down upon my head.
storms shadow my every move, it'll be this way until I'm dead.
there's not much holding me together.
my lifesblood is suicide and piss mixed.
there's got to be more to life than this.
ten thousand bitter broken hearts is what I carry in this hollowed out body.
a clenched fist and daggers behind both of my eyes.
I need something to get me through this nightmare.
I need something to get me through my blackest days.
I need something soon.
the wind at my back, my arms to angel wings,
an opportunity i can't resist.
inhale one last breath, take the jump,
and forget this world ever existed.
its all coming down on me.
my world, my life, my sanity.
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