Xavier Wulf

Pedals to the Metal (Road Heart) Lyrics Xavier Wulf


Xavier Wulf - Pedals to the Metal (Road Heart) Songtext

His technique is so advanced
Even driving the speed limit is an experience
And yet he's still in complete command of the road
If there's such a thing as perfect technique
This might be it

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit
Pistons pushing heavy underneath the full moon
Drippin paint off of a spoon, into the crack and grooves inside her mind
Then I'm off, I pull up, then pull off
I'm pushin pedals in the dark
I'm ridin fast real far, yeah
I don't know, where to even go but I'm still goin there
Gas on E but that don't matter I'm still rollin' man
To you niggas hatin you need to know your not an element
Bitch we walk like elephants, steppin on whoever them
They say I'm a beast, I need to find a way to chill myself
I pull up with no ones help
Ryosuke Takahashi can't stop me or even copy this
Now he mad as fuck cause I keep comin up with better shit
Mr. Fujiwara told me keep away the friendliness
Cause niggas plot on killin shit from now until inifity
So I smoke with just my boys and me
We pulled up to the mountain peak
Because that's where were supposed to be
You see the sea, and you see ocean amenities
Come up to me to cover me
I pull up, see me hovering over everythang
She pulled off in her tears and I pulled off on my wheels
And disappeared in the hills, into the mountains
Girl I know what you want, and I know what I want
Just know I'm not whatchu want
So stay away from me

Isn't okay if I just watch you drive?
Thats why I'm here, I want to see you behind the wheel again

You don't get it, I told you I didn't want you here
Yet here you are pushing yourself on me
If I really hated you like you said
I'd just ignore you and walk off
But i can't do that which is why you'll only get in my way

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit

Is it sinking in?
You'll screw me up if you hang around here
So that's it
I don't wanna see you here anymore

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit

What the hell else can I do?
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