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Xavier Wulf - Mugen Woe Songtext

You see me pulling up so mean but I'm clean though
Smokin' of the best wood you'd have never seen ho
And I don't give a fuck 'bout none of these silly hoes
I pulled off so quick she ain't even know
Hol' up
Bitch quit talking while I roll up
All black whip cuz I mixed every color
I ain't Chief Keef but it still go skuh duh duh duh
I don't give a fuck 'bout who you are
2: 40 boys comin' though like a racecar
She said, "Xav' do you wanna go n hit the bar"
I said, "No bitch I'm only here to set the bar"
Real talk
Fuck Y'all
I don't give a fuck now
Now you can see it in her face all she wanna do is touch now
Lemme' smoke a blunt now
Sit down girl I don't want to hear shit now
All you lil rappers need a hit now
I don't give a shit I can make a damn hit with out my fist out
What now?
While he looking' pissed out
I can't care boy 'bout the urine that I piss outand any of you niggas with your neck out
Talkin' shit cuz you can't win and you locked out
Kudos to my niggas on the clock now
Make sure you smoke a blunt as soon as your clock out
Tell the lil boy put the Glock down
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