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I'm finna pull up just to freeze the whole scene up
I be smoking antidotes that scientists ain't heard of
Switching back to us my whole squad in the vapor
She thought it was fog (naw!) this just how we blaze up
I learned from my Grandpa n 'em big cousins and all of them
I don't give no fuck about who mad let me get to him
Let me blink my eye and after that you see I'm through with him,
Boy you niggas weak you need to be a lil more positive
I'm tryna keep control don't let me start with him
I hate a stupid nigga so much I wanna bother him
These rappers still a joke we verbally kill all of them
Leave it up to me I'll smoke a blunt and then go slaughtering
I told ya man I don't give no fuck if he be sleeping there
They say why you mad I say because these fools don't listen man
Pull off on a bitch now she get mad cuz we ain't inviting them
Pull up to the show the line too long I hope you get in there
You Bitch!!
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