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Love Comes and Goes Lyrics Xavier Rudd


Xavier Rudd - Love Comes and Goes Songtext

Love comes and goes
Sometimes decades, sometimes months.
Raise you up to the sky
Make you feel like every little thing is bright.
Send you crashing back down
Make you so sick that you want to drown.
No other pain, like losing a soul mate.

The roads we take in life often seem to be very strong.
Walk them carelessly like we're walking on bricks and stone.
Only when we look behind we will see the road is cracked,
Oh, there we must move forward, gently as we tread.


To carry our guilt sometimes seems the only thing that's easy;
Eat away your flesh and bones and all that you be.
My good amigo once said that the truth will set you free,
But I guess we have to wait sometimes, just wait around and see.


I see a new sun rising again!
Brand new colors, brand new road ahead!
Sweeping up the pieces of a broken nest,
Sweeping up the pieces, but the pieces never end.

No other pain, like losing a soul mate
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