Food in the Belly Album

Energy Song Lyrics Xavier Rudd


Xavier Rudd - Energy Song Songtext

All alone in the snow
Nowhere seems close
As the cold moves now to my bones
It's beauty seems gone
And I know now now this wrong
And I should move on
Time to refuel time to just be
With my own energy
Rescue me

That energy

These trees I have known now for years
Help to contain my fears
Spirit up from this earth
I have felt since my birth
And I know now now this is right
Here I've spent so much time
This connection this space
At the end of the maze
Take me home

That energy

Now layed down before us this place this choice
And our freedom
The germination inside her begins again
And our freedom
Well I feel so connected I feel so alive
When the moon stares at the sun
On the days I am surfing between them
Until the sun sys it's done
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