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Gotta Get Away
(Tony Tang - John Doe - Zack Booner)

Tired of this shit, I had enough I gotta get away
Breaking my neck trying hard to find a better way
Fuck what the letter say, I'ma do it my way, the do
or die way, you know, crashing on the highway.
I say, I think this whole shit is pitiful
everything's so cynical and only getting critical
Now where's the miracle, that I always prayed for
I feel like I'm paid whore that somebody paid for.

Gotta get away
(Gimme room, gimme room, I need more space)
Can't wait another day
(Too many people up in my face)
Already on my way
(I'm sick and tired of this paper chase)
Gotta get away, Gotta get away now.

I need space, I'm sick of people
up in my face always on my case
I ain't got no time to waste,
my mind I'm losing it, and you
Just confusing it, pain in my brain
and you keep on abusing it
I gave you sweat, I gave you blood yo I gave you tears
But nothing in return except these wasted years
But don't worry be happy keep smiling,
Don't worry be happy keep smiling.

Gotta get away
Can't wait another day
Already on my way
Gotta get away, Gotta get away now.
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