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Princess Without Jewels
jeder sollte, wenn er in den Spiegel guckt, das mögen was er sieht! Für alle, bei denen das noch nicht so ist, ist dieser song.

Princess Without Jewels

I tell you of a girl
that I thing you know
it lives right next your house

I see you walking there
I hear you talking loud
the whole street watches now

but I don't see yourself
cause there's somebody else
that's why I tell you

turn to the mirrow

See her she's a lady
no princess without jewels
there's no matter for maybe
let's say I care for other rules

and when she's home alone
or when she's on her own
compares herself with girls
in her favourite magazins
and she would do everything
just to look like them

she hates and hurts her body
fights and fools her mind
if she looked like a princess
would she have found what she wanted to find
and what about her problems
would they all go away

just see her there
see that she's a lady
there's no need to ask
there's no matter for maybe
a princess without jewels

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