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Sleep Somehow Lyrics Wolfsheim


Wolfsheim - Sleep Somehow Songtext

It started with a feeling
A special kind of feeling
We've lost somehow
Idle thoughts are reeling
I'm longing for your touch
But you don't understand
That it means so much
You leave it up to me
To sleep somehow
The anger that I feel
Must leave somehow
I hear you breath... I'm waiting
For the morning light
I miss you... although I'm lying
Right by your side
You leave it up to me.....
I don't know why... our time went by
There's nothing left to feel
Except this boring kind of anger
That's wasting me
You leave it up to me.......
A fading night... I feel the light
(Of) A day that dawns in grey
Overgrowing all my hoplessness... but shadows will
You leave it up to me.......
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