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Spanish Stroll Lyrics Willy DeVille


Willy DeVille - Spanish Stroll Songtext

Hey Mr. Jim I can see the shape you're in
Got your finger on your eyebrow
And left hand on your hip
Thinking that you're such a lady killer
Think you're so slick!
Alright, slick

Brother Johny, he caught a plane and he got on it
Now he's a razor in the wind
And he got a pistol in his pocket
They say the man is crazy on the West Coast
Ain't no doubt about it!
Let's go
Spanish stroll

Sister Sue tell me baby what are we gonna do
She said you take two candles
And then you burn them out
Make a paper boat, set a match to it
And then you send it out, send it out now..

Spanish stroll
Spanish stroll
Spanish stroll

Mira aqui!

Hey Johny! Yeah, tenth street Johny
We've been looking for you, man
Everybody told me you had moved uptown
Hey! you wanna go for a ride
I'm going uptown myself
For what?

Yeah, ain't it right?
Yeah, one time for Tito Puente, one time
Are you ready?
Yeah, of course we cannot leave out, Mr Ray Baretto ...
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