Miracle Album

Heart and Soul Lyrics Willy DeVille

Album Miracle

Willy DeVille - Heart and Soul Songtext

Every night
I Have the same recurring dream
There you are
Dressed so fine
Standing next to me
Just you and me
In a church of old
Standing hand in hand

And the choir sings
Ave Maria
I look into your eyes
The say a million things
Cathedral bells
They start to ring
And you are mine, yes, you are mine
Yes, you are mine
Forever and ever, heart and soul (3x)

You promised me
With just a kiss
In a slow embrace
You promised me
Like I promised you
Stand by me
I'll stand by you
I wanna hold you close
Say soft and low
That you're all I need


And if I only kissed you once
And never really possessed your love
I surely would go mad
And when a mad man roams the street
A sad sight when his friends they see
He's a broken man
From his broken dreams

Repeat first verse

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