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Willy besingt hier seine jahrzehntelange Drogenabhängigkeit.

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Willy DeVille - Chieva Songtext

Late at night I dream of you all through my sleep
I feel your spirit everywhere, when will you let me be?
All the things I did for you they only gave me pain
Just a needle and a spoon only brought me shame.

Chieva, Chieva, Chieva
Chieva, Chieva, Chieva
Chieva, Chieva, Chieva.

How long has it been now since I let you go?
Sweet as the very first kiss you took my passion and my soul
I should have known you were deadly, that was my first mistake
The first time I felt you seems like I've lost count of days.

Chieva, Chieva, Chieva
Chieva, Chieva, Chieva
Chieva, Chieva, why you do me this way?

You took me down, you took me down from my very first taste
All that was mine all through this time, your memory I can't erase.

I know you can still be found in a lowdown east side place
Some dark night, when you walk in, I'll get up and I'll move away
The money burns a hole in my pocket while you burn a hole in me
I get down as if to pray, I fall down to my knees crying .

[Refrain] 4x
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