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Trouble Lyrics Wilhelm Tell Me


Wilhelm Tell Me - Trouble Songtext

You always worry, but worry’s not a good friend, oh no
Even though he’s far ahead, he never tells you where to go
You’ve been making progress in digging out your sorrow
Talking might be good sometimes, but did it help by now?
I know, I know … It’s really not that simple
But I don’t know who said it’s gonna be, well it wasn’t me
You’ve got so much to do, so little time
You’re on your own, walking the line
Don’t need no further details… (oh no no no)

And you got miles to go
And promises to keep
Before you solve these problems
With your sleep
It’s been a long long time
But something’s in the way
That makes it so hard to get by

It’s always trouble, trouble’s what you’re in
Oh my, it’s just like an anchor that won’t let you go
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