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Favorite Sound Lyrics Wilhelm Tell Me


Wilhelm Tell Me - Favorite Sound Songtext

I’m waking up with blurry eyes
It’s just the time of the year when I could use advice
Can’t get myself to leave the bed
Oh I’m just browsing books that I’ve already read
The window’s grey and I am blue
I found a picture, makes me thinking of you
I wonder what you would say to me
Something like: “Wear your head up – you made a fool out of you”

I like all the things that you do
You call me up when I am down
And that’s my favorite sound
I would be lost without you
Oh you’re the best part of this town
You are my favorite sound

You come around and cheer me up
You’re not gonna leave, you’re sticking around
Like you’ve got nothing else to do at all
And then you sit and talk to me
And you say: “Wear your head up, you made a fool out of you”
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