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Mirror Mirror Lyrics Whiskeytown

Album Pneumonia

Whiskeytown - Mirror Mirror Songtext


Bb Bb Bb/A Bb/G# Bb/G
Mirror, mirror. Up on the wall in the back of her room
Bb/F# Bb/F Ebmaj7
As I walk down the hall in the house where we stayeeahayed
Bb Bb Bb/A Bb/G# Bb/G
Tell me something about what I saw in the face of a man
Bb/F# Bb/F Ebmaj7
Who once felt it all but feels nothing todayeeahay

Bridge thingy 1:

Gmin Gmin/F#
Knock knock, who's there
Gmin7 Gminb7 Emaj7
I don't know I can't say
Emaj7 F#
Ask me tomorrow I'll tell you again


C# F# G# F#
Oooo I'm tellin you now I'm tellin you nowehahow
C# F# G# F#
Oooo I'm tellin you now I'm tellin you nowehahow

Bbmin, Bbmin/A, Bbmin7, Bbminb7(these chords are after every chorus)

Verse 2:

Trouble trouble. Down in my hood where it's well understood
where they love when you're bad and they hate wehn your good
Tell me something about who we are at the end of the day
When our souls become one but our lives seperate

Bridge thingy 1:


Bridge thingy 3

Bbmin, Cmin, C#min, Eb, Bbmin(2x)

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