The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me Lyrics Wheatus

Album Suck Fony

Wheatus - The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me Songtext

Hey There Mr. Marlboro Man
What you gonna do
When there's nobody left
But yer smoke choking self to abuse

Hey There Mr. C.E.O. Man
Who you gonna be
When yer daughter and me
Hop the first cheap flight to Figi or Pari
There you go telling me how I feel again
There you go telling me what you need again
There you go again telling me how to be again
Just like you
Ain't it true

Just like that nasty King Kong
Cock strong and half a block long
There weren't nothin' as strong
As the song that I wrote when you dissed me

Hey There Mr. Fraternaty Boy
Whatcha gonna say
When its time to admit
To yer family 'n' shit
That yer gay, anyway
Hey There, Mr. Head-in-the-clouds
Look what I found
On the tape of the rape
And you ask how I found
How profound, pass around


And everything alright
Leave it alone tonight
Everythings ok
Just tell yer Mom yer gay
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