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The London Sun Lyrics Wheatus


Wheatus - The London Sun Songtext

Socrates ain't got nothing on me when it comes to overthinking
Paranoid that's how I prefer to be into the ground I'm sinking
Then you call
And you say
To me in your ordinary way
That you can't
Help me out
Of the ordinary

You're just like the London Sun man you're over and done with before you've begun
And I won't
Be like the only one who would stand there and smile and try to be fun
When I say
Hey baby what went wrong we go back to beginnings the story's too long
To be told
Like you were the only one who ever got left in the dark by the London Sun

Hurricanes are blowing out my brains but my eyes are calm and hollow
Airplane stalls from the sky it falls you can read the news tomorrow
Then you call
And you say
To me in your ordinary way
That your life
Has become
Too fucking ordinary


If you wanna leave
It's alright
I know what it's like
To feel like
Life is passing by
When you are stuck in the place you're in
Ordinary space you're in
I'm stuck at a nook in the place that I'm stuck in with you

Chorus (2x)
By the London Sun (4x)
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