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I Am What I Is Lyrics Wheatus


Wheatus - I Am What I Is Songtext

Christopher calls me,
He calls me complaining,
He's already waited too long
To begin
The world is on one side
And I'm on the other
And I read in a magazine
And I am what I is
I am....

Brian the actor
That he does on Saturdays
In nothing but a bowtie
He would bring me a drink
He tells me he sweats it
Like pig in a blanket
And I ran out of toothpicks
But I don't have a thing
And I am


Well autumn will come
And everyone loves you when you've already won
And I'm here to tell you that I don't care if up turns you down
Just to hear you say I am what I am
When I am what I is
I am what I am
When I am what I is

Jeanny is lonely
She lives with her parents
She saves all her money
So she can spend it in Spain
Her boss doesn't get it
She says to forget it
I told her we're different
But she knows we're the same
And I am...



Christopher calls me
He calls me complaining
And I am what I am
And I am what I is
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