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Bimbo #5 Lyrics Weird Al Yankovic


Weird Al Yankovic - Bimbo #5 Songtext

ladies and gentlemen, where is bimbo #5?

are you ready for the billenium?

1,2,3 4 6 everybody in the car lets go have sex
to the hotel around the corner
girls wanna do the president but I really dont wanna
get caught like I did last year
i found a new girl with a great big rear
i had monica, jennifer, paula, and cathline and maybe five other girls in between
but I like to try a new piece of pork
but 'ol punky legs is in New York
if shes alive I will try to jumple,
then I will dump her

a little bit of monica ohh no more
a little bit of jennifer out the door
a little bit of paula on the bed
a little bit of hillary, now im dead

bimbo #5

pull your pants down
and toss 'em on the ground
now bark like a hound and i'll make a donkey sound
now i'll chase you then you chase me
if I get caught will you spank my fanny please

clap your hands once
heres a big suprise
everyone was wrong it points to the right

(chorus 2)
monicas gone away
maybe miss america will come out and play
a little bit of britney would be nice
a little bit of hillary im all nice

bimbo #5

honey cough!! hahaha

hey baby, have you ever been in a 40 billion dollar investigation?
as a matter of fact my condoms do have the presidential seal on them

hey wanna see the eagle's beak get real big? hahaha

note to myself.....
nail her later

(chorus 3)
a little bit of monica ohh no more
a little bit of cathline out the door
jennifer lopez in my bed
a little bit of hillary now im dead

ohh I do love new york
wont you please elect my wife
ya know get her out of the house
cuz I got yard work to do
yea thats right yard work

bimbo #6?
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