Webb Pierce

I Just Can't Be True Lyrics Webb Pierce


Webb Pierce - I Just Can't Be True Songtext

Now honey I just can't be true
I got a ramblin' feelin' in my shoes
My heart tells me that I'm the rovin' kind

Well, my feet start itchin' more and more
Ev'ry time a pretty girl passes my door
Sugar gal, here's what I wanna do

I wanna play the field and lead a happy life
Without a thought of worry or a naggin' wife
Let's settle this thing and say we're through
'Cause honey baby, I just can't be true

Now if I loved you like I know I really should
Well, I'd wanna be good, yes I know I would
But I just can't seem to ever wanna stay at home

I hate to hurt your feelin's and I hope I don't
If you feel like me then I'm sure I won't
I got a mind of my own and I know just what I want

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