The Fifth of July Album

The Best is Yet to Come Lyrics Watershed


Watershed - The Best is Yet to Come Songtext

I know sometimes it seems we're slowing down to a stop
We don't know where we're going or appreciate what we've got
I've got a cheap guitar and a yard sale amp
All beat up, nothing broke just yet
And we both know, we're overdue, for some luck
And I got a feeling the best is yet to come

Suppose I figured out the whole damn thing a couple hours ago
It don't really matter where you've been
It's more about where you are going
The bad news is, you really messed up
But the good news is, we can fix things up
And I ain't buying that the good old days are done

Take it on the chin wonderin' what might have been
We could blow it off
Maybe drink it off
And spend some time together... right

Don't forget they didn't knock you out
You're just sitting in a corner bleeding from your mouth

Still got a feeling, the best is yet to come
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