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Consolation prize Lyrics Watershed


Watershed - Consolation prize Songtext

I wrap it up in celaphane
So you can see right through me
Hey, who are you to complain
You know what you're getting in to

I'll offer up my heart then pull back on the string
I'll tease you like a slug teases a vending machine
Still you'll take it and come back for more
Guess I got to give you what you came back for

'Cause I swear there are times
few and far between
And I don't have to say it
'Cause you know you're my consolation prize

Now I've been chain smoking pencilstrying to stay on track
And I've bitten off erasers so I can't take anything back
But I canbite your lips till I taste your kiss
You can break my fingers till you break my fist
Girl you'lltake it all and come back for more
When I got to give you what you came back for

You wonder where you stand
I just say here for now
'Cause I don't need you but I need you around
And if I can't make promises I can't keep
Then I can't promise anything you'll believe

You say you're through
But I'm not scared
It's on your face
You know that you're not going anywhere

It just means the tears are met with laughs
You breaking down
You know that I love it when you get mad

You know you're my consolation prize
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