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Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich Album

Ridin' High Lyrics Warrant


Warrant - Ridin' High Songtext

I'm livin' just to live it up

Since the day that I was born
I've been rockin' around my block
Just a leather coated lover
With a tatoo on my arm
Now I'm goin' down town
Where I can be strutin' my stuff babe
Workin on my check now
Maybe that's enough
Keep the motor runnin' cuz I ain't got time to waste
Undessin' for sucess, I guess I'm blessed with good taste
Ain't no dream,
You're seeing things you've never seen before
Now I'm breathin on your neck,
Knockin' down your door

I'm livin' just to live it up
Ridin' high, ridin' free
Gonna live it up, before they bury me
Radar says one hundred and three
Gonna live it up before they bury me
Before they bury me
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