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Number None Lyrics Waltari


Waltari - Number None Songtext

1. Rap

I see you naked at the door of my room
longing hungrily for a slide
but I just can't help it, I have to leave
the guys are waiting there outside
but you wouldn't let me go and pushed me aside
when I was about to step out
you begged me to stay but I was late
no chance to have another round (listen)


You better believe it, I'm not your "number none"
If you try to call me, I'm sorry I'm about not home
You can't keep me in you grip, this is what you should already know
what a show we both are in, you can't let go

2. Rap
So, then you started to scream
that I was a pig and you only an object
I never felt that way
why you have to play your games and protect
I love you with my fulliest heart
Do you still have to ask for more?
There's no reason to just act like a kid
got my own deals and that's for sure

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