The Neon God, Part 1: The Rise Album

Wishing Well Lyrics W.A.S.P.


W.A.S.P. - Wishing Well Songtext


[Jesse to Self] There's place where I'm
Oh ? with sorrowed lives
And all the souls
Oh - They're wishing they could die

Take me down
And drown this the orphan forever ?
ya know I do
Wish away the pain
And wash away my life
Find me down inside a shallow pool
Down the wishing well
No more bleeding
No more screaming tonight

Wash away my pain
Oh ? in the well of sighs
For I have no face ? oh
Abandoned for all, for all time

[Jesse ] Why, why am I nothing
[thinking ] Oh mamma why, why?d you leave me
[of ] A throw away for life
[his mother] Oh ? oh why, why am I nothing
Oh and mamma why
Can you feel me here
Oh God I wanna die
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