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Victoria Beckham - I Wish Songtext

Ah, come on, ooh, who me, come on, uh

I saw you outside
Getting out your ride
A CLK 430, you've got style
As soon as I checked you out
A ladies man no doubt
>From head to toe you're all style I like it

How bout you buy me a rose cause I think
This is gonna get a little interesting
Let's see where this conversation goes
I'm not sure that I want you to know

I wish I could right now
Wish that I could show you how
I'm feeling you
Boy I try I can't hide
How badly I want you tonight
I've gotta fight it

If you take me home
Get me all alone
Nothing could happen it's just too soon
I'm just being upfront
Telling you from the jump
Not tonight I'm not that type of girl (I'm sorry)

If I gave you the wrong impression I
Apologise from the bottom of my heart
I'm talkin' out my head, probably misled you
I'm confused and I'm a little scared

Chorus (2x)

My bodies playin' tricks on me
I'm just not thinkin' clearly
This has happened too quickly
I've got to slow down
Tomorrow is another day
This I promise if you say
That it doesn't matter
Everything is gonna be okay

Slow down (hmm, okay)
Come on (I wish)

Chorus (3x)

I wish I, could show you
Boy I try, I want you
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