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Victims Family - Ugly Thing Songtext

When the tension starts to rise
and it ain't no surprise you come unglued
it's an ugly thing.
When you don't play by the rules
but I'm still just a fool for you
it's an ugly thing.
When nothing's going right
everything is wrong like this song
it's an ugly thing.
You've got yer worry, yer anger
yer tension and depression
everything I love
is a great big obsession
is it love or a subtle opression?
a message from above
or demonic possession?
Well you're oh so suspicius
my commands are your wishes
it's truly an ugly thing.
When you start to undress
only under duress
what can you do?
it's an ugly thing
When you're too scared to run
and it still ain't no fun, you're screwed
and it's ugly.
When nothing I ever do
is ever good enough for you
sweety poo
it's an ugly thing
ugly is a four letter word that begins with U.
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