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Victims Family - D.O.G. Songtext

I'm looking to be saved on my radio waves.
And don't care how it feels as long as I behave.
Remembering to forget my TV set.
And I don't have a clue to what happened to you.
You'll hit the ceiling when I say what I'm revealing.
Just sends you to reeling to say what I'm feeling.
I got no heart and I got no mind
And I got no eyes - if I did they'd be blind.
You got yourself lost on a twisted cross.
But I'm at a loss when you say you're the boss.
Like a king you're wearing a crown
Building castle walls all around.
You're gonna start to believe the delusions.
It could disappear without a sound
And it all could tumble on down.
Castles in the sky just always seem to crumble down to the ground.
You can listen to your heros today.
But then don't believe a word they say, 'cause you won't find your own
Solution if you try to believe their delusions
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