Ursula Rucker

I Keep Secrets Lyrics Ursula Rucker

Ursula Rucker - I Keep Secrets Songtext

I keep secrets
secrets like...
smells and stains in crotch of favorite jeans
secrets like...
how many niggas you really been wit'
secrets like...
old attic closet bones and same sex dreams
secrets like...
girlhood crushes and masturbation
secrets like...
How many pregnancies?
How many births?
How many children do you have, love, care for?
secrets like...murderous thoughts
secrets like...CIA assassinations and who's really runnin'
secrets like...the origin of mad cow disease and AIDS in Africa

I have secrets of my own
that could shame me, blame me, leave me ostracized
secrets I wouldn't even share with one million TV viewers
My secrets keep me up at night
make me secretly smile
leave him wondering
and are constant reminders of my humanness

I know secrets
that would drop mouths
ruin friendships
distance lovers

I keep secrets

I know you want to...but don't ask

It's a secret
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