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Urban Rock - Muse Songtext

Its Hard,
Can't admit it to myself
Once shy,
I don't know what comes next
I try,
But it blows up in my face
Muse is all I got

You allways seems to smile
My sweet tasting clementine
Your just another page number
Muse is all I got

I have no actual contact
Some physical contact
No foe to react to my pain
Is something that will sustain
Until the day I can't toss blame

I see,
All my friends are really happy
Isn't it time,
That fate chose me
My crime,
Is not being able to forget
Muse is all I got

Stare back from my four walls
Grow up,
Your 21 years fucking old
I guess,
Tame my bruised and battered soul
Muse is all I got

I have few tales to remember,
I have few girls to remember,
I have no fun to remember,
Muse is all I got
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