Unit 5

La La Land Lyrics Unit 5


Unit 5 - La La Land Songtext

The Question Isn't Whether It's True
The Question- "Is It Working For You?"
Marshmellow Skies
And Custardy Pies
And Nothing's Too Hard to Do

They're Five Happy Verses Or So
They Told Me All I Needed to Know
Ignore All the Rest
Trials and Tests
And Threats to My Comfort Zone

Well I've Got no Time to Find Out What's Real
I Stick With What I Happen to Feel
It Feels Grand
When You're Livin' in Lala Land

You Can Name a Blessing Yourself
Stake a Claim On Power and Wealth
And Strong Healthy Teeth
A Spot At the Beach
And Romance That's Really Swell

All the Saints and Martyrs Alive
Well They Would Have Called a National Strike
Demanded Less Pain
More Personal Gain
If Only They'd Known Their Rights

Well I Take It Very Personally
Yeah, I Got to Know What's in It For Me
Ain't It Grand?
When You're Livin' in Lala Land

I've Got My Prayer Cloth Collection in a Jesus Jar
I've Got the Holy Ghost Ridin' in the Back of My Car
Sometimes He Gives a Little Tickle I Go "Hardee Har Har"
Ain't It Grand, When You're Livin' in Lala Land

My Jesus Decal Does Quite a Trick
Right Above My Dashboard I Stick It
A Good Luck Charm
It Keeps Me From Harm
And Saves Me From Speeding Tickets

Repeat Chorus
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