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Texas Lyrics Underworld


Underworld - Texas Songtext

I got a heart as big as Texas but it's not made of stone it's not as
tough as the salt of the earth I'll tell you that, for what it's
worth... I didn't come here looking for you I didn't lie I said I didn't
come here alone I swear that all I loved was your empathy someone - at
last - to understand me! So understand me what I want from you if you
love me set me free, say - "I'm not in love with you" I've got a heart
as big as Texas but something that big gets its own way it's tearing me
in two directions I know my head - doesn't have a say! But I'm a
respected responsible citizen I lie down when I make my bed but unless
you block all roads in front of me this heart is gonna be the death of
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