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Dinosaur Adventure 3D Lyrics Underworld


Underworld - Dinosaur Adventure 3D Songtext

What you waiting for: day's long
What you waiting: what you watching the skies for: boy
What you waiting the holes are for water : water let the fall
Let the clothes in: let the clothes on
Keep your clothes on
Whoever: you love
Whoever: you look happy
I feel dazed: I feel dazed: orange girl
With a pineapple head: walks in the sun
With a friend: the mouse: with a friend the shadow
Warm machine: warm machine
Wrap her arms: wrap her arms around me
Warm machine: warm machine
You come to wrap her arms tight: to wrap her body
She move fast: she move slow
She move down into the water
I remember
I remember unnatural
I was leaving you
What you looking for: babe
Your voice: I'm not incredible
Your voice is in desperation
I hear you
I hear you bleeding

Between her arms are tight:
Wrapped around her body:
She move fast: she look down:
She won't look in my eyes:
I remember her now:
Her unnatural surprise:
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