Boogie Lyrics UFO


UFO - Boogie Songtext

B o o g I e

1. Goin? down Georges where you just been
to see if you've been boogyin?
Aah, you know, what I mean.
My left leg's draggin? my right leg's limp
my head's awave
and I can't feel this(Shit)
I gotta see you baby you'll be alright
I wanna boogie Baby, boogie tonight.

Guitar (solo)

2. Well, old George is boogyin? he's been aboogyin? with you.
I wanna boogie with you Baby,
I wanna boogie all night long.

I wanna boog with ya come on and boog?
I wanna shake, bagga, boogie too
Come on and boogie - boogie.
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