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Udo Lindenberg - Horizon Songtext

I Don't Know Who I Should Belong To 1987HorizonI Don't Know Who I Should Belong To, 1987Though the foggy weatherwith our hats pulled down above our eyeswe would lurk togetherlike detectives or a pair of spiestwo like you and mewe could not be beatjust like lightening and thunderalways on another odysseyAnd we were friends foreverwhen we crossed our hearts - a deal was madewe didn't know the weather was turning bad,'til we felt the rainthen it hit me hardcaught me off my guard- I was fallin' fastbut a love like ours, has gotta lastRefrain:I know beyond the far horizonthere's a brand new daywe could be on the far horizonwe'll find the way'cause our bond has ran so deepis a bond we have to keepforever together, wherever we are
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