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Passion and Pain Lyrics Trümmerwelten


Trümmerwelten - Passion and Pain Songtext

When night falls, passion awakes
Thoughts spreading and left behind
Borders fading away and lose their shape

Angelic flesh I see
I adore thee
Eyes pretending Heaven
Killing me, killing me

Contemplaining atmosphere
Beneath this feeling
Our closeness brief

You may sense my longing
Though mind's still confused
Cause heart was hurt
Your heart was hurt

Fulfill my dreams and let me forget
Lust is what it seems
Passion and pain
Nothing stays the same

You don't care
You've already been there
You're the same as me
You caress your scars
Obviously I'm the key
To your besmeared infinity
Everything's still the same

I have decided to leave you
I'm broken once more
Can't find no quiet, no quiet

I desire you
I am nothing without you
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