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Trümmerwelten - Love virus Songtext

All this yearning comes at it's end
He sees the light
All viruses in the world couldn't kill him
Only one has brought the cure
Love virus
Distant but near
Love virus

Passionate kisses
One blind grasp without promise
The search at it's end
Distant longing
Escape from psychosis

He want to leave,
sick and tired from all disappointments
He wants too much
He expects too much
Only a dreamer without aim in life
Could you give him what he dies for?
Could he give you what you need?

Love virus - it makes you bleed
Love virus - it makes numb
Love virus - it could cure us all
Love virus - when we could fall
Love virus - he wants to love you
Love virus - so much fear

Love virus
In the end there is light
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