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Complaint against...? Lyrics Trümmerwelten


Trümmerwelten - Complaint against...? Songtext

It's so nice to see you standing there
Though I feel so lonely, I swear
I've imagined you to be the one to hold my hand
It's so much harder to stand this end
I'd like to look straight into your face,
but desire has not become disgrace
I feel ashamed when I look at you
Seems like I'm not through, can't get over you
I still love you, it's true, I still love you
You're apart of me and my memories
You've created it passionately
Let's be silent for at least a while
and let's pretend a puppys love end
And these glory days become covered in a haze
Losing all my lifetime's yearn
I feel myself burn, I feel myself burn
For the last time I am recalling you
I stop recalling you, I stop recalling you
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