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Trümmerwelten - All I got Songtext

You're to be forgiven, but not now
No, not now, not now
I have lost you,
though any word was kind true
I'm sure you made up your mind
and I hope it's what you wanted to

I know it's not -
and it's all I got

I am so sorry
You couldn't keep these eyes from crying,
to release the dying little one of mine
You are so pretty
and I'm still trying to get used to the fact,
you're not coming back

I know you're not -
and it's all I got

Broken hearts they'll find new parts
to be completed some day
And these shattered dreams, so it seems,
they'll be replaced in a certain way
This coincidence - at my side it stands
Great things they go - I am here to show
No longer will I be holding on to thee
Many lovely faces filling old places
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