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Blue Bayou Lyrics Tony Christie


Tony Christie - Blue Bayou Songtext

Feel so bad I've got a worried mind
I'm so lonesome all of the time
Since I left my baby behind on Blue Bayou

Saving nickels, saving dimes
Working till the sun don't shine
Looking forward to happier times on Blue Bayou

I'm going back someday
come what may to Blue Bayou
where you sleep all day
and the catfish play on Blue Bayou
all those fishing boats
with their sails afloat
if I could only see
that familiar sunrise
through sleepy eyes
how happy I'd be

Gonna see my baby again
and to be with some of my friends
maybe I'd be happier then
on Blue Bayou

I'm going back someday
go'na stay on Blue Bayou
where the folks are fine
and the world is mine on Blue Bayou
O that girl of mine
by my side
the silver moon and the evenin' tide
oh some sweet day
gonna take away this hurtin' inside

I'll never be blue
my dreams come true
on Blue Bayou
on Blue Bayou
on Blue Bayou
on Blue Bayou
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Country Roads Album

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