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Mrs. Lincoln

oh, Mrs. Lincoln

other that that, Mrs. Lincoln
how was the play?
can you tell us what you're thinkin'
are you havin' a real nice day
other than the mess how was the show
don't forget the rest of us
we'd really like to know
oh, oh, Mrs. Lincoln

we're living in the information age
we all depend upon the printed page
we hate to interrupt your hour of grief
but what about those indians
and what about that chief
we know you miss your husband
we miss him, too
but please remember we've got a job to do
we all know he saved the union,
freed the slaves
but we need something new for the front page
oh, oh, Mrs. Lincoln

other than that, Mrs. Lincoln
how was the play?
tell us what you're thinkin'
are you having a real nice day?

sometimes I see the future, you know
right before my eyes
I see Stephanie of Monaco
and I see Lady Di
but now is now it's all we've got
so tell me the truth
take a bow and share your thoughts
on Mr. Lincoln

oh, oh, Mrs. Lincoln...
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